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I’ve been thinking on what I’d like to do with this tumblr. And I’ve been trying to develop some sort of theme for what I would like this to be about. I’m passionate about a great number of things, so I’ve decided to incorporate two of my favorites. Greekery and Feminism. And before anyone goes. “Gasp! But Hannah! Feminism is a dirty word now! Are you a man hater?! What is this? Explain to me!”

Yeah, I know I can’t go around calling myself a feminist with really no achievements save for the slew of reposted blogs on my facebook and a few arguments with my friends/family. I’m really looking for a way to unleash this pent up rage about the situations I see around me in reality, within the gaming community and among my friends who are (mostly) gamers.

And no, I’m not a man-hater. I hate the way society has socialized men to be towering pillars of all that is not feminine. I identify as straight, cis, white female. I’m not an expert at all, and I just want to be able to express my ideas, and opinions in a space where I can learn about these issues. I know I’m going to be wrong about things, but that is okay, because I can learn from that too. I just hope the conversation can be civil and a discussion rather then a internet scream-fest.

I look forward to this.

To start off..
Nobunga's Ambition

This game is a bit of a discussion in my household. My ex-boyfriend is really looking forward to this game. It is due for release in the United States in June. For those unfamiliar with the characters presented here…

This games is a combination of the characters of Devil Kings (or Sengoku Basura) which are historical Japanese figures and they are paired up with Pokemon. Ridiculous right?!

I am looking forward to this game, mainly for its ridiculous quality. However, the cover art just rubs me the wrong way. I am disappointed that the one and only female on this cover is dressed in pink, and given a Jigglypuff, while the other male characters are paired with legendaries, such as Mewtwo, Zekrom, Articuno, and Grodon. This disappoints me. From what I have read, the female character will be aiding the main character through different trials. Even though I have not played through the game, and I do not know what part each of the other characters will play in the story, the fact that on the cover of this game, the female is presented as weaker (as anyone who has played Pokemon can tell you, Jigglypuff is not a Pokemon that should go up against a Legendary, unless you are attempting to lull it to sleep to catch it).

My point here is this, if you want to portray your female character’s on the cover of your game, at least give them a stance on equal par with the male characters. Otherwise it just give the impression that the female characters can in no way stand up the male characters at all. And by inference, as a female gamer, it particularly put me off. I’m not saying that a game designer has to cater to my every whim, but I’d like a little equality there.